Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just a little bit of writing.

Something I haven't done for awhile. Just something I wrote up in 20 minutes or so...

Immerse myself in light, feel the warmth in my soul
Turned away from the darkness, let go of control
What will be will be and there's nothing I can do
So I trust in my life so that I can get through

Two sides of a very sharp double-edged blade
Good memories, bad memories, but they all fade
All that matters is now, each moment's a chance
To succumb to the past or learn how to dance

I choose to be strong, to stand up and fight
To turn away from my past and into the light
To feel the warmth of a God, religion aside
A strength within myself that I cannot hide

What I know and what I feel are black and white
Emotions are the day and logic is the night
Love is all that matters, I'm no longer blind
Time to seek life out, leave the negativity behind
~Jordan Stocking '12