Sunday, March 10, 2013

Getting Healthy

Kyle and I got gym memberships last Wednesday. I honestly feel like I got beaten with a shovel all over my body right now ha ha so I think that's a good sign. My personal trainer tried to tell me that I had 35% body fat and it broke me down for quite some time yesterday. I have high goals and I know that I have work to do, but there is no way my body fat % is that high. I looked at comparison pictures of different people/genders at different body fats and I am nowhere near that level. I would say I am between 22-25% and my goal is to be within the 17-19% range. I honestly feel like it was a scheme just to get me to pay for personal training sessions, which I did. Oh well, if they help me get focused then it is worth it. Just need to be a little more smart about what people are telling me and to have some more confidence in myself. I honestly feel great so far though: I've been doing a lot more cardio and weight training this week. My body hasn't been too kind with me running lately so I've been using mostly the elliptical but I hope to build back up to running once I am strong again. I also plan on doing some of the group exercise classes to keep me motivated and to keep it fun. I am so excited to feel more healthy and to get the confidence back that comes with it. I have until April 6th before the fitting for my wedding dress so I have a lot of work to do.

This morning, I made breakfast for both of us for the week. I saw this awesome idea on this blog: She has amazing, yummy, and healthy recipes. Anyway, we made our own healthy version of egg mcmuffins pretty much. I mixed eggs and bell peppers together, put them in a muffin pan, and stuck them in the oven. We also put turkey bacon on them and some cheese. We then stuck the whole thing into an indoor grill. It will be a nice easy breakfast to grab in the morning so I am excited and I actually cooked something that tasted good. I am becoming more and more domesticated every day ha ha.

I also FINALLY found my wedding shoes:

They are custom made, super comfortable, and gorgeous. I didn't think it was going to be possible to find. Of course, they doubled my budget again... but that seems to be the trend for wedding spending right now. 

We also took the babies to the dog park today. Mickey was an absolute shit and went around growling at all the bigger dogs. Never close enough to do anything because he is a big baby, but he was making a ton of ruckus. Luckily, we met a really nice lady who was understanding of our dog. She had a beautiful older husky that was super gentle with him and put up with his nonsense until he calmed down. Towards the end he was chasing the big dogs and playing with them. Miss Laila was mellow as usual, but she was a lot more adventurous than usual and kept walking away from Kyle and I. Usually, she is pinned to my side so I thought that was good progress. 

Anyway, my focus is on getting as strong as I can mentally and physically. I'm cutting out as much bad junk as I can and that will be including alcohol. It is so much easier to focus on my goals when I have a fully stocked gym that I can go to. 

Love and light. <3 p="">