Sunday, January 22, 2017

Riley's 2nd Month

1) Riley struggled a bit more with gas, but definitely still happy the majority of the time.

2) Celebrated our first Christmas with Riley. Riley got to meet my cousins and aunt and uncle. She got a lot of clothes that she hadn't quite grown into yet.

3) Started intentionally smiling a lot more and interacting. Could definitely tell that sometimes she was just bored and wanted to see new things.

4) Riley is sleeping 5 hour stretches at night still. Did occasionally sleep 6 hours and also had nights where she was up half the night.

5) Started practicing with bottles.

6) Riley had an ultrasound on her hips since she was a breech baby. It was inconclusive at 2 months.

7) Riley had her first blow out.

8) She loved her bouncer.

9) Riley started wearing 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers.

10) At her two month appointment she was on the growth curve at 9 lbs 3 oz (15th percentile) and 20.9 inches (9th percentile). Her doctor said if she was only a month that she would be closer to 25th percentile for weight and 40th for height.