Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Memories With Charli: Fifth Month

I can't believe my baby girl is already 5 months old. I am so in love and find myself feeling stronger and more connected to her every day. I am loving to see how much she has changed and can't wait to see what will come our way next. Her are a few of the things I remember from this last month.

1) Charli found her voice box. She made the most amazing squealing noises and sounded like a baby dinosaur.

2) One morning Dad placed Charli in front of the mirror in just her diaper and Charli squealed at herself for a good 10 minutes. Mom thought it was the best image ever to walk in and see a naked baby so excited to see herself.

3) Charli went swimming for the first time. She did okay but didn't like the sun in her eyes.

4) Mom and Dad were dealing with a lot of basement projects all at once. Charli got to go with mom and dad to pick out kitchen cabinets, pick out granite counter tops, and to pick out carpet. She did really well and slept through most of it.

5) Charli started sleeping in her crib again when mom got sick with pneumonia. Charli actually did really well and slept through most of the night on her own.

6) It became more difficult to settle Charli as it seemed like all of are methods didn't work anymore. We started using a little vibrating chair that Charli's grandma had bought her and she loved it. We were pretty sure she was starting to teeth but no signs of an actual tooth yet.

7) Charli was pretty fussy her first 4th of July and slept through most of it.

8) Charli began to find her feet more often and seemed fascinated by them. Still loved to suck on her fingers.

9) Charli still did really well in the car and fell asleep most of the time when we ran errands.

10) Charli got to meet her cousin Khloe. :)

Charli and Khloe 

The magic chair that Charli slept in when she was teething.

Charli being cute in her pjs.

Charli with her Daddy getting ready to swim.

Charli sleeping while Mom and Dad picked out cabinets.

Charli's 5 month pictures.

I love you beautiful baby girl. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Memories with Charli: Fourth Month

1) Charli started becoming more vocal and experiment with her voice. This would make her sound fussy sometimes but really she was just practicing.

2) Started sucking on her fingers and hand more

3) Started leeping more through the night for the most part and usually only woke up once. Charli still slept with Mom and Dad because they liked having her with them.

4) Starting sticking her tongue out when she smiled ha ah and she started to have different types of smiles. Sometimes it seems like she puts her whole entire body into her smiles and other times it is just a polite close mouthed smile.

5) Loved Frozen and singing

6) Mom went back to work so Charli started staying with Aunt Kim during the day

7) Charli liked sitting up more than laying down and wanted to see everything

8) Started to grab onto her blankets with her hands and would hold onto toys.

9) Had a really good routine with mom in the morning before Mom had to go to work.

10) Pooped in the tub for the first time

11) Graduated to size 2 diapers.

12) Went on her first hike with mom and dad for mom's birthday. Charli sucked on her fist the whole way up and only got upset on the way back.

13) At her 4 month appointment Charli weighed 12 lb 12 oz and was 24.2 inches long.

Started to stick her tongue out...

Taking a nap with Uncle Ryan..

Hanging out with her cousin Carter

Hiking on Mommy's B-day

Pretty and happy at 4 months :)

So peaceful sleeping.

Finding her fingers..