Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lessons From My Younger Self

Damn, I was a smart 14 year old. I found this on my old website and had to share it.. some good reminders to myself. It's amazing how sometimes we get more stupid with time. Absolutely ridiculous. I was an awesome teenager ha ha. 

Simple Things To Remember/Follow
These are all things I have learned growing up that get me through hard times or just simply make me laugh.

1. When your looking for a boyfriend, you don't find one. It's when you move on with your life and focus on your goals and friends that your suprised by someone new in your life.
2. Complaining about your life won't change anything, doing something about it will. Trust me, you can do something!
3. No matter what the situation is, handle it in a way that you'll be proud of later. Otherwise you'll regret a lot of things in life.
4. Don't be afraid to not act your age, just make sure that it's at an appropriate time that you let your kid side out.
5. Don't talk bad about people.. they'll always find out.
6. Don't be in a hurry to grow up, it comes sooner that you think and you can't go back to your childhood. Enjoy it.
7. School may be a pain, but it's the only thing that gets you started in life, go to college.
8. All the people who seem so beautiful and perfect... are really just as unperfect as you are. We've all got faults deep down.
9. If your afraid or uncomfortable to do something... Don't .. it's that simple. If people can't accept you for who you are then you shouldn't be hanging out with them.
10. Never let anyone tell you your not good enough for something/someone. You are in fact good enough.
11. Dishwashing soap DOES NOT clean a bathtub... but it sure smells good.
12. All the litte fights you have with your friends about who-said-this and who-said-that don't matter. No, they don't.
13. True friends will always come back to you.. no matter what.
14. To have friends you must get off your butt and call them.
15. Appreciate the good things in life, because you never lose the bad.. only the good.
16. Make sure the people you love know that.. because you never know what might happen.
17. fun sometimes, but it doesn't make you sound cool.
18. Your parents are proud and your siblings do love you.
19. Stand up for yourself, your the only one that can.
20. Karma, my friends... What goes around comes around.. always.
21. A ill-spoken word is one of the most devasting things you can say to another person. Think about what you say.
22. Smile.. you may make someone's life worth living.
23. Allow yourself to be popular.. the keyword here is YOURSELF. Don't change anything about you and don't throw away your grades just to fit in. Nobody cares if your popular out in the business world.