Sunday, January 4, 2015

32 Weeks, 4 Days

Time really is flying now. I feel like this baby could be here any day and all I can think of is my huge to do list that I have to complete first. So, I am honestly hoping that this baby is like me and is perfectly content staying comfortable and cozy because I need all the time I have left.

I am 32 weeks and 4 days today and I and struggling to get comfortable in my own body quite a bit now. It amazes me what simple movements we take for granted until they are gone. Getting out of bed, taking a bath, bending over for pretty much anything are all exhausting challenges now. I am also quite aware of how short my torso is since I am pretty sure I have a foot permanently hooked into my rib cage at all times now. That to do list I have? It's a lot more difficult because mentally I am going but 20 minutes into anything physical I am exhausted.

It's all worth it though. Any time I don't feel good, I just remind myself how amazing it is that my body can do what it is doing and what the end result is going to be. I am happy that I am getting bigger because it means baby is healthy and strong.

Friday, we had some maternity pictures taken. We weren't going to but I'm glad we did because I honestly love being able to capture all the amazing chapters and milestones that we are going through. I wore heels in some of the pictures and my legs were dying having to hold poses. I honestly feel beautiful at this stage of pregnancy though. Not sure if that will change by the end of it.. but I love my belly despite the fact that it is now in my way all the time.

Charli, you are already so loved and adored. Your daddy and I already love getting to interact with you as you stick your butt and foot out of my belly. We can't wait to meet you!