Sunday, December 6, 2015

Memories with Charli: 9th Month

1) Charli slept in her crib for 10 hours on Halloween and she consistently slept in the crib for at least half the night. Charli started to sleep train herself and would get antsy if we tried to rock her to sleep. Some nights she still needed some extra snuggles to go to bed though.

2) She continued to love all food that was given to her but especially apple sauce, pumpkin pie, and popcorn (not the part with the kernels of course..).

3) She had her first halloween and went to mom and dad's work for trunk or treat. She was dressed as a tiger.

4) She had her first ear infection and didn't sleep for four days (pretty much). Thank god for antibiotics.

5) Charli started to wear 12 month size clothes.

6) Charli continued to practice walking but still no crawling.

7) Charli consistently said mama to pretty much everyone including her dad.

8) Charli was a very mellow baby with spurts of energy and loud noises. :)

9) Charli was very entertained by the dogs and consistently reached for them.

10) Charli still did not have any teeth.

11) Charli started to become ticklish especially on her thighs.

12) Charli started to tilt her head on purpose especially when she realized we thought it was cute.

13) Charli slept for 7+ hours in her crib most nights.

14) Charli learned how to roll consistently right before her nine month appointment with her doctor. it became her method for getting around.

15) Charli went to "Thanks for coming" for the first time and was interested in all the food and squealed and yelled a lot. She also spent time with her cousin Mason.

16) At her 9 month appointment Charli weighed 17lbs 11 oz (27%), was 26.9 inches tall (25%) and her head was 17.4 inches (55%).

Snuggling with daddy on football day :)

Not too happy about her ear i infection but still so beautiful.

Loved this fall picture of Charli. 

She has the best glares!

Her halloween picture. :)

The head tilt.

With her cousin Mason.

On Thanks for coming day.. out of mommas belly as long as she was in. :)

The group photo of Thanks for coming.

Charli and daddy.

9 months old!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Memories with Charli: Eight Month

1) Charli's vocabulary expanded and she started saying dada and mama quite a bit. Tended to say Mama more when she was upset.

2) Charli was very much into trying new foods and was very interested in whatever mom and dad were eating.

3) Charli went overnight camping for the first time and loved the campfire.

4) Charli went to bear lake for 4 days for Uncle Sam's wedding and she did really well. She loved visiting the Lake and eating dirt and even though she was teething she was still pretty happy.

5) Charli still no teeth.

6) She started sleeping in her crib for part of the night but was waking up more in the middle of the night.

7) She was obsessed with any toy that lit up and had music..

8) Charli loved watching football and would stay up late watching to see the Utes games.

Fell asleep on the way to bear lake

Found a perfect heart shaped island for Charli

Heading to the wedding :)

Loved the sand. 

Ready for Uncle Heber's wedding

Ready for football

Spending time with her cousins :)

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Memories with Charli: Seventh Month

1) Charli went swimming again and LOVED it.

2) Charli had her first experience in a swing and smiled and laughed even though we had to wake her up to try it out after going to eight different parks

3) Said Mama first

4) Started eating more solids and finger foods.. become a lot more interested in food

5) Went to Oktoberfest and made happy cartoon noises the whole time

6) Still had no teeth

7) Mom and Dad switched schedules so dad had charli in the morning and mom had her at night

8) Charli constantly needed to be entertained and was very interactive: loved singing and whistling and responded really well to strangers

9) Starting showing more attention towards the dogs and reaching out to them

10) Slept pretty good for the most part but still had some rough nights.. still sleeping in mom and dad's bed

11) Charli Became a lot more clingy and would throw temper tantrums when we would set her down or walk away
Seven month pictures!

Beautiful smile.

Her first time in a swing  :)

Loved chewing on everyone's cups :)

The pjs she got from Oktoberfest

getting ready to go swimming

Loved swimming <3 p="">
Happy as a clam in daddy's arms

Loved the camera and getting her picture taken (with her cousins Mason and Khloe)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Charli's Six Month Photos

A week after Charli turned 6 months we took her back to Fotofly to have her pictures taken. If you can remember, her newborn photos were a challenge and she was super grumpy. This photoshoot was wonderful and pretty much the exact opposite. Charli interacted really well with the photographer and it was really hard to choose our favorites because they were all so amazing. Towards the end she did get a little fussy but we had already gotten so many good photos I didn't really care. Here are some of them. :)

My amazing beautiful family. So so lucky. 

Look how grown up my little stinker looks!

She was standing in this. So much happier than her original over the couch photo as a newborn lol.

Chubby babies = the best.

My beautiful girl.

So much sass. 

Loves her daddy so much.

Her hand obsession is only growing..

Couldn't get her hands away from her face but it was cute anyway lol.

Her eyes are the best.

Memories with Charli: Sixth Month

Charli saw her first fireworks on the 24th of July and absolutely loved them. She enjoyed the fountain fireworks on the ground more than the ones in the air. She also rolled from her back to her tummy for the first time and then was mad because she couldn't figure out how to roll over again.

Charli went camping for the first time on the 1st and 2nd of August. She handled it pretty well the night of the 1st but the 2nd was a little too much heat for her.

Dad was still spending a lot of time working on the basement so Charli and mom got to spend a lot of time together.

Charli started waking up twice a night and eating an entire bottle each time. She also started to eat some solids although most of it ended up on her bib. She loved peach banana oatmeal, but not chicken and brown rice.

Charli got really good at gripping and holding toys. She also figured out how to change the music on her bouncer and how to spin things. She was really good at having mom show her how to do something and then repeating it.

Charli started to yell at her toys when chewing on them. She also started to growl.

Charli finally started to get some hair although it was pretty thin still.

Charli went to mom's company party and did pretty well even though it was warm outside.

Charli could almost sit up on her own without any assistance and was really good at standing with support.

Charli was still pretty good in the car as long as she had a toy to distract her. I would often think she was sleeping and then when I would go to get her out of the car she would be wide awake and smiling.

Charli still didn't cut any teeth although she was very drolly and loved chewing on things.

Too cool baby on the 24th of July.

Hanging with Mama.

Such good head control. She rarely liked being on her tummy.

Made it to a water fall with mom and dad

Loved being outside

Family picture while hiking

Charli and Daddy camping

Charli starting to look like a little girl instead of a baby.

Charli and Daddy

Charli and Mommy 

At Charli's six month appointment she was 14lbs 10 oz and 24.6 inches long. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Memories With Charli: Fifth Month

I can't believe my baby girl is already 5 months old. I am so in love and find myself feeling stronger and more connected to her every day. I am loving to see how much she has changed and can't wait to see what will come our way next. Her are a few of the things I remember from this last month.

1) Charli found her voice box. She made the most amazing squealing noises and sounded like a baby dinosaur.

2) One morning Dad placed Charli in front of the mirror in just her diaper and Charli squealed at herself for a good 10 minutes. Mom thought it was the best image ever to walk in and see a naked baby so excited to see herself.

3) Charli went swimming for the first time. She did okay but didn't like the sun in her eyes.

4) Mom and Dad were dealing with a lot of basement projects all at once. Charli got to go with mom and dad to pick out kitchen cabinets, pick out granite counter tops, and to pick out carpet. She did really well and slept through most of it.

5) Charli started sleeping in her crib again when mom got sick with pneumonia. Charli actually did really well and slept through most of the night on her own.

6) It became more difficult to settle Charli as it seemed like all of are methods didn't work anymore. We started using a little vibrating chair that Charli's grandma had bought her and she loved it. We were pretty sure she was starting to teeth but no signs of an actual tooth yet.

7) Charli was pretty fussy her first 4th of July and slept through most of it.

8) Charli began to find her feet more often and seemed fascinated by them. Still loved to suck on her fingers.

9) Charli still did really well in the car and fell asleep most of the time when we ran errands.

10) Charli got to meet her cousin Khloe. :)

Charli and Khloe 

The magic chair that Charli slept in when she was teething.

Charli being cute in her pjs.

Charli with her Daddy getting ready to swim.

Charli sleeping while Mom and Dad picked out cabinets.

Charli's 5 month pictures.

I love you beautiful baby girl.