Sunday, September 4, 2016

End of Summer Updates

I am not too great at updating this blog anymore. Anyway, this summer has flown by. Between being pregnant and working full time I don't really feel like I've had a lot of moments to just rest. We took a trip to Park City for our anniversary at the beginning of June with just Kyle and I and that was a blast. It was also super weird leaving Charli behind and we really didn't know what to do with all the extra free time. We went out to eat, saw a comedy show, went to a movie, went hiking and went swimming but it still felt like we had a ton of extra free time and we were constantly showing up too early to things ha ha.

We also went to California for a week at the end of June (family trip) and that was great. We found out the gender of the baby right before so we were able to announce on the beach. Found out we are having another sweet baby girl and we couldn't be more excited. Charli loved the beach and did so well in the car considering we drove straight through both ways. She really only had one miniature meltdown on the way back but I thought that was awesome considering how long she had to sit. We did stop more often then we would have without here but mostly just to give her a break to get out and walk around. At one point on the way back we stopped in cedar city just so she could play with rocks ha ha.

Charli pretty much has all of her teeth now. They all came in at once but it really wasn't too traumatic when it happened. I kept waiting for the horrors of teething to hit and they never really did. She is also consistently sleeping 11 hours at night which is great for mom and dad. She is learning limits right now and constantly testing mom and dad. I feel like we are handling it pretty well though as we try to stay calm and talk through things with her. Some days Kyle is more patient and other days I am but are goal is to make it so she always feels like she can communicate with us even if we have to say no. She is absolutely amazing and so smart. She is constantly picking up on new words, loves her books and is such a dare devil. I couldn't be more proud to have the stubborn child that I do because I can tell she is going to be such a strong personality as she gets older.

I am 25 1/2 weeks pregnant today and I am feeling pretty good. I feel this baby a lot more than Charli due to my placenta being posterior so I really haven't had any anxiety or worries about her. She is super busy and constantly rolling around and kicking me. I did have some hip pain for a bit that seems to have gone away for now and the heartburn started but cutting out sugar seemed to help a lot. I've been trying to do yoga frequently to keep my back and hips aligned and that really seems to help. I know that I am probably about to get super uncomfortable but for now I am just really enjoying being pregnant and creating another miracle. It amazes me that in just 3 short months or so we will have a newborn again. Right now I am nesting like crazy and getting everything ready. I definitely haven't been able to rest as much this pregnancy but I am hoping that recovery will be easier since I've been a lot more active. We have decided to name baby #2 Riley Kate. I can't wait to see how she is similar to Charli and how she is different.

Anyway, that is just a quick snap shot of what has been going on in our lives. :)