Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Memories with Charli: third month

Still playing catch up.. Memories with Charil: Third Month

1. The third month was really hard because Charli started to have a really bad reaction to formula and didn't sleep for 3 days straight pretty much. Really scared mommy and daddy because we didn't know how to help her. Nothing seemed to soothe her for very long and she would wake up out of a dead sleep screaming. Took her to the doctor and we were told it was colic, but we knew that it wasn't. The doctors gave us heartburn medication to help Charli but it didn't help much and she started to eat less and less formula. We would still get smiles in between all of her crying but they were rare. We decided to try goat's milk and it was an immediate change. We were so happy to have something that really finally helped her. During her fussy time, one of the only things that calmed her down was taking a shower with Mom or Dad. Mom was also super worried about going back to work because of how uncomfortable she was.

2. We started to notice a lot more drool and bubbles and even called Charli "bubbles" on occasion.

3. Charli started to get more hair, but it was still pretty light.

4. Charli started sleeping with mom and dad again because we all slept better together when she wasn't feeling good.. especially because she woke up so often.

5. Charli didn't like anything messing with your routine and became very fussy if we did. Mom and dad spent less time going out due to this.

6. Charli started to make some pretty goofy facial expressions.

7. We discovered that Charli liked the lullaby on the globe that Grandma Stocking had given her. We would always play it when she was on her changing table and she would just light up and smile.

Charli at 3 months

All her goofy faces :)

She had the most genuine beautiful smile

Another awesome face!

Memories from the First Two Months

So I am super behind, but luckily I am working on these as I can so that I don't forget everything. Here are Memories with Charli: 2nd Month :)

1. Charli started to socially smile which was adorable. She also started to coo and make noises and experiment with her voice. She started to drool more and blow bubbles.

2. She loved her swing and rock and play. Started to sleep in her crib and did really well for awhile but then started to wake up every 3 hours or so again. For a while Mom would wake up before Charli and would wait for her to wake up. Loved talking to mom and dad in the middle of the night instead of sleeping. She still loved country music and being swaddled to sleep.

3. Charli loved to lay on a blanket and kick. She loved to watch bright lights, fans, and the tv and she loved the mobile on her swing.

4. Charli loved baths and being talked to.  She also liked to take showers with Mom and Dad, especially when she was fussy. She also liked being held in her carrier and was really good at sleeping through errands.

5. Loved being on her changing table and being naked, but hating getting dressed. Did not like tummy time and started to have tears when she was crying.

6. Mom and Dad went out to a restaurant with Charli for the first time and she slept the whole time. She also went to the drive in movies and snuggled with mom and dad. Also went to the park a few times as well. Went on a hike up bell canyon with Mom and dad. Also visited Dad every week during his lunch break.

7. She liked to spit her binky out over and over and then get mad when she didn't have it.

8. For Easter, Charli went to both grandparents houses. Grandma Stocking made her an Easter Basket and Grandma Norman got her footie pjs. Mom painted Charli's nails for Easter while she was asleep. :) Took pictures with bunnies and Charli was super ornery the whole time haha.

9. Dad liked to build blanket forts around Charli.

10. Charli started to react to noises more and would get startled.

11. Charli loved to stretch and raise her arms over her head. Started to look like a cheerleader ha ha.

12. She had her first shots at 2 months and was super sad when she got them but overall handled them pretty well. At her 2 month appointment she was 20.75 inches long and 10 lbs 9 ounces.

Pictures with bunnies at Thanksgiving point

Blanket forts with Daddy

Happy Girl On Easter

Two Month Picture :)