Monday, October 28, 2013

Selling Our House

So I'm sitting in a parking lot in my car blogging right now because our house is going through it's 24th showing. Oh, by the way, we are selling and building. Why? Why do I do this crap to myself? Our house has been listed for only two weeks and we are already exhausted. It pretty much makes me feel like I am semi homeless due to the fact that I am living out of my car half the time. Sure, I could go visit people, but by the time I get anywhere my house is done being shown so it's kind of pointless. Anyway, I like this approach.. it's nice when I am forced to have some time to write.

Tonight, we are taking our house off the market so we can fix our back fence. About a year and a half ago it was hit by a junkyard car falling off of a trailer. It was a hit and run and it basically became a battle with our HOA on who should fix it. Pretty much, we just decided to be stubborn and leave it because it wasn't cracked enough that our dogs could get out and we didn't feel responsible. Lesson learned... should've fixed it back then. Our real estate agent is worried that it is keeping people from making an offer. We are getting a ton of activity and quite a bit of showings for such a short time and there's nothing else she really thinks should be stopping any offers. So, we are taking it off until it hopefully gets fixed this Thursday and Friday. It was supposed to be fixed today, but that would make life easy and the company that is helping us less flakey.. which so far they have been nothing but.

On a positive note, we get to go pick out all of the custom things for our new house on Thursday. I know that even though it is stressful that things will work out how they are supposed to irregardless. I don't like not knowing what is going to happen since I'm pretty much a control freak over my own life, but it's good to go through this and let go. It's hard not to take house selling personal and to realize that it's just a business transaction. Our first house has been an awesome starter home and we've already had a lot of good memories with it. It will be sad to leave it behind, but we feel like it's the best time for the market right now to get into our more permanent home. We want to provide the best we can for our kids so we'd like a bigger yard and a slightly bigger home in a much better location.

Anyway, here is hoping this part of the journey is over quickly. Definitely ready to be done.