Sunday, January 17, 2016

Memories with Charli: 11th Month

1) Charli went on her first plane ride to California for Christmas. She did amazing on the plane and didn't cry. She enjoyed smiling and clapping and was happy to interact with any stranger. She refused to sleep on the plane so by the time we got to the airport she was so exhausted she immediately passed out in her car seat in the stroller.

2) She did amazing in California and loved all the attention that she got from her grandparents, cousins, great grandparents, and great aunt and uncle. She stayed up super late every night and didn't sleep too great since she shared a room with mom and dad but she was pretty happy and content.

3) She got a lot of gifts for Christmas and wasn't quite sure what to do with them. She mostly seemed overwhelmed by them. She loved her ball pit and stackers.

4) Charli started to learn how to wave and got much more interactive and started to mimic people's facial expressions more and more. She was extremely social and loved being around a ton of people as long as she wasn't tired.

5) Charli still did not have any teeth.

6) Charli started to enjoy her bottles less and less and demand more solid food.

7) Charli started to whine and have temper tantrums a lot more frequently (not mom and dad's most favorite thing).

8) Charli got to see the ocean for the first time on Christmas day and take pictures with the family. She also got to experience being a part of an escape room even though she ended up falling asleep in dad's arms.

9) Charli started to army "scoot" around and was close to crawling.. just wouldn't use her legs.

10) Four days before Charli turned 11 months, she started crawling.

11) On New Year's Eve, Charli went sledding but mostly just slept the entire time. 

Charli and Mama at the beach.

Charli and Daddy at the beach.

Christmas morning.. tons of gifts and all she wanted was that candy cane.

Christmas Eve dinner with uncle Ryan.

Getting on the plane with mom and great grandma.

Outside with daddy in the snow.

Norman family Christmas party with her cousins Mason and Chloe.

11 months and so active.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Memories with Charli: 10th Month

1) Charli got really sick the week of Thanksgiving. She had pneumonia, had a 103 degree fever, and was extremely dehydrated. She had to get an IV for fluids at the doctor and mom and dad had to feed her by syringe until she started feeling better. She initially lost half a pound but quickly made it up when she started feeling better.

2) Charli had her first thanksgiving but was pretty tired because she was still recovering from being sick. She was pretty happy still though but was more interested in making a mess of her food than eating it. She did love the deserts of course though.

3) Charli started to show signs of crawling and would get up on her knees but then fall over onto her head.

4) Charli definitely became more clingy and loved being carried around by mom and dad. She made sure we knew that she wanted this at all times.

5) You couldn't eat a meal alone anymore. Charli remained interested in all food and had to have her share.

6) Charli would clap on command and started to high five her dad.

7) Charli had Christmas pictures taken and did awesome considering she was up all night the night before.

8) Charli continued to sleep pretty well with a rough night here and there.

Being silly with mom :)

Rolling everywhere.

Beautiful baby blues.

IV at the doctors.

Stylish baby.

Sitting in front of the christmas tree.

Time with daddy on thanksgiving.

One of Charli's Christmas pictures

Another of Charli's christmas pictures.

Charli at 10 months.