Sunday, December 6, 2015

Memories with Charli: 9th Month

1) Charli slept in her crib for 10 hours on Halloween and she consistently slept in the crib for at least half the night. Charli started to sleep train herself and would get antsy if we tried to rock her to sleep. Some nights she still needed some extra snuggles to go to bed though.

2) She continued to love all food that was given to her but especially apple sauce, pumpkin pie, and popcorn (not the part with the kernels of course..).

3) She had her first halloween and went to mom and dad's work for trunk or treat. She was dressed as a tiger.

4) She had her first ear infection and didn't sleep for four days (pretty much). Thank god for antibiotics.

5) Charli started to wear 12 month size clothes.

6) Charli continued to practice walking but still no crawling.

7) Charli consistently said mama to pretty much everyone including her dad.

8) Charli was a very mellow baby with spurts of energy and loud noises. :)

9) Charli was very entertained by the dogs and consistently reached for them.

10) Charli still did not have any teeth.

11) Charli started to become ticklish especially on her thighs.

12) Charli started to tilt her head on purpose especially when she realized we thought it was cute.

13) Charli slept for 7+ hours in her crib most nights.

14) Charli learned how to roll consistently right before her nine month appointment with her doctor. it became her method for getting around.

15) Charli went to "Thanks for coming" for the first time and was interested in all the food and squealed and yelled a lot. She also spent time with her cousin Mason.

16) At her 9 month appointment Charli weighed 17lbs 11 oz (27%), was 26.9 inches tall (25%) and her head was 17.4 inches (55%).

Snuggling with daddy on football day :)

Not too happy about her ear i infection but still so beautiful.

Loved this fall picture of Charli. 

She has the best glares!

Her halloween picture. :)

The head tilt.

With her cousin Mason.

On Thanks for coming day.. out of mommas belly as long as she was in. :)

The group photo of Thanks for coming.

Charli and daddy.

9 months old!