Sunday, June 5, 2016

Updates for the Norman Family

I feel so behind on blogging. I really enjoy when I take the time to do it but life is just busy busy and my toddler tends to be even more busy.

Charli really has developed quite the personality. She started walking at about 14 months and has just gotten faster and faster. She doesn't crawl at all anymore and is constantly on the move. She is so happy, loud and bossy and she has definitely started having temper tantrums as she experiences her emotions. She still naps a couple of times a day and sleeps pretty good at night.. most nights. She also finally got one tooth to break through and I am pretty sure a ton will soon follow.

One of many silly faces.

So dang happy to be with mom. <3 p="">
Eating watermelon at the park on Mom's birthday.

Exploring the hospital when mom was there for a really bad cold.

I love her so much and I am so lucky to be her mommy even on days where it can feel more difficult. She has become so much more fun though now that she is so interactive and I love getting to show her new experiences as she grows up.

Charli also had some exciting news to share recently:
She is going to be a big sister come this December. :) I am currently 12 1/2 weeks pregnant and it has been a rough go this time. I have definitely experienced a lot more morning sickness and fatigue this time and chasing a toddler around in the midst of it has been difficult. I am extremely blessed to have a loving husband who has stepped up in every way to make sure both of his girls are well taken care of and for that I am forever grateful. He really is the best partner I could have ever asked for.

We find out the gender in two weeks and I am so excited to find out if our next baby will be a baby brother or baby sister. I honestly have no idea. Kyle is very confident that I am carrying a little boy and at times I feel that I agree, but I haven't been 100% sure. I guess I would lean more towards girl because boy just hasn't felt right and that's how I felt with Charli.. but I can't say I am one of those moms who just knows. I just want a healthy baby and so far everything looks great and the baby is measuring perfectly. This will more than likely be our last child since Kyle and I would like a smaller family so we  can do more family trips and it's just easier to handle financially. We also want to be super close to our kids and be able to give them a lot of one on one attention. Let's face it.. parenting is hard and although we love our baby we can't wait to have older kids who we can do more with.

We are going to California for a week right after we find out the gender and plan on doing a beach announcement of sorts so I will try to update the blog when we get back and share our adventures. 

Memories With Charli: 12th Month

1) Charli was very busy and was getting into everything she wasn't supposed to.

2) Charli fell and lost her balance a lot as she was getting used to pulling herself up on her feet.

3) Charli had a severe sleep regression since she liked to wake up in the middle of the night and practice crawling as well as playing with toys.

4) Charli graduated to a convertible car seat.

5) Charli went to the midway ice castles with mom and dad. She got to meet Anna and Elsa.

6) Charli started sitting in the grocery store cart instead of in her car seat. She always had to be holding something.

7) Charli had her smash cake pictures and although she was a bit grumpy (8 am was too early for pictures) they turned out really well and she loved her cake.

8) Charli celebrated her first birthday: frozen style. She slept through some of her birthday and had a cold, but she had a blast when she woke up and enjoyed all of her new toys and all the yummy food. Charli's aunt Danielle made her official smash cake for her pictures and it was a beautiful cake. Mom made her birthday cake with love and it wasn't pretty lol.

Visiting the ice castles with mom and dad

Family pictures for her 1 year

My beautiful 1 year old.

Being timid.. look at that beautiful cake!

One more from fotofly :)

Her actual birthday

Mom's ugly cake made with love.

The slide she got for her birthday.

Charli and her cousin Mason :)

Decorations and food

First time sitting in the cart at the grocery store