Thursday, October 1, 2015

Memories with Charli: Seventh Month

1) Charli went swimming again and LOVED it.

2) Charli had her first experience in a swing and smiled and laughed even though we had to wake her up to try it out after going to eight different parks

3) Said Mama first

4) Started eating more solids and finger foods.. become a lot more interested in food

5) Went to Oktoberfest and made happy cartoon noises the whole time

6) Still had no teeth

7) Mom and Dad switched schedules so dad had charli in the morning and mom had her at night

8) Charli constantly needed to be entertained and was very interactive: loved singing and whistling and responded really well to strangers

9) Starting showing more attention towards the dogs and reaching out to them

10) Slept pretty good for the most part but still had some rough nights.. still sleeping in mom and dad's bed

11) Charli Became a lot more clingy and would throw temper tantrums when we would set her down or walk away
Seven month pictures!

Beautiful smile.

Her first time in a swing  :)

Loved chewing on everyone's cups :)

The pjs she got from Oktoberfest

getting ready to go swimming

Loved swimming <3 p="">
Happy as a clam in daddy's arms

Loved the camera and getting her picture taken (with her cousins Mason and Khloe)