Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Charli's Six Month Photos

A week after Charli turned 6 months we took her back to Fotofly to have her pictures taken. If you can remember, her newborn photos were a challenge and she was super grumpy. This photoshoot was wonderful and pretty much the exact opposite. Charli interacted really well with the photographer and it was really hard to choose our favorites because they were all so amazing. Towards the end she did get a little fussy but we had already gotten so many good photos I didn't really care. Here are some of them. :)

My amazing beautiful family. So so lucky. 

Look how grown up my little stinker looks!

She was standing in this. So much happier than her original over the couch photo as a newborn lol.

Chubby babies = the best.

My beautiful girl.

So much sass. 

Loves her daddy so much.

Her hand obsession is only growing..

Couldn't get her hands away from her face but it was cute anyway lol.

Her eyes are the best.

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