Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Charli's Newborn Pictures

We had Charli's newborn pictures taken last Saturday when she was 8 days old. She is going to look really cute in these, but just know that obtaining these types of pictures is not easy. At all. I have to give major props to the photographers at fotofly who do this nonsense all day long.

I loved this little outfit. Her headband had to be pinned back because it was too big for her head though ha ha. I love that she always has her hands near her face like this.

I knew that I would have a blonde mostly bald baby despite the hours of heartburn I suffered while pregnant.

The sash she is wearing is from my maternity pictures. This was a pinterest idea.

I love her tiny little features. Luckily she doesn't have her mama's big ears yet.. but time will tell. She did get her mama's chubby cheeks though.

Stubborn baby wouldn't keep her eyes closed.. that's okay though because I love her eyes.

This was by far my favorite picture. She is so grumpy and I love it.

She always looks serious when she is awake like this. She smiles in her sleep though. 

My love holding my world in his hands.

Love her tiny little baby feet. Funny enough this was one of the most difficult pictures because she hated having her feet wrapped like that.

I love my baby girl.. please stay little for as long as possible. <3 br="">

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