Sunday, June 5, 2016

Memories With Charli: 12th Month

1) Charli was very busy and was getting into everything she wasn't supposed to.

2) Charli fell and lost her balance a lot as she was getting used to pulling herself up on her feet.

3) Charli had a severe sleep regression since she liked to wake up in the middle of the night and practice crawling as well as playing with toys.

4) Charli graduated to a convertible car seat.

5) Charli went to the midway ice castles with mom and dad. She got to meet Anna and Elsa.

6) Charli started sitting in the grocery store cart instead of in her car seat. She always had to be holding something.

7) Charli had her smash cake pictures and although she was a bit grumpy (8 am was too early for pictures) they turned out really well and she loved her cake.

8) Charli celebrated her first birthday: frozen style. She slept through some of her birthday and had a cold, but she had a blast when she woke up and enjoyed all of her new toys and all the yummy food. Charli's aunt Danielle made her official smash cake for her pictures and it was a beautiful cake. Mom made her birthday cake with love and it wasn't pretty lol.

Visiting the ice castles with mom and dad

Family pictures for her 1 year

My beautiful 1 year old.

Being timid.. look at that beautiful cake!

One more from fotofly :)

Her actual birthday

Mom's ugly cake made with love.

The slide she got for her birthday.

Charli and her cousin Mason :)

Decorations and food

First time sitting in the cart at the grocery store

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