Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Riley's First Month

1) She was a super easy baby! Slept a lot and had to be woken up to eat. Sometimes feeding her was difficult because she would fall asleep a lot.

2) Gained weight like a champ - an ounce a day. At one month old, weighed 6 lbs 12 oz.

3) She was also a great latcher, great at breast feeding which was the opposite of her older sister.

4) Was amazing during her newborn pictures, slept the whole entire time. Was told she was the easiest baby.

5) She was super easy in the hospital.. had to do a lot more tests than Charli due to her being a preemie. Did pretty well with all of her tests except for failed a glucose test once. Discovered I would probably need to supplement again. Lactation consultant showed me how to use an SNS which was the best thing I have ever been introduced too. I am so grateful to be able to breast feed my baby and have a well fed baby that is gaining weight.

6) Her umblical cord fell off (Started to) at 5 days old, completely at 8 days old

7) Slept in mom and dad's bed. Much more peaceful when held skin to skin.

8) She grunted a lot in the hospital.. thought it was just her being noisy but apparently preemies have more trouble adjusting to being outside of the womb and will stress grunt.

9) Post partum was much easier on mom the second time around. no stitches to recover from and energy/hormones were a lot better. Riley slept most of the night which also helped with recovery as mom and dad weren't too sleep deprived.

10) We had amazing neighbors and family that brought us meals again.. really helped us stay on our feet.

11) Mom and dad were pretty restless but didn't want to take riley out with how small she was especially with colds/flu going around.

12) Charli didn't show a lot of jealousy with Riley and was very affectionate and interested in her sister.

13) Riley started to smile and become more alert.

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