Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Riley's 3rd Month

1) Her weight gain slowed down which concerned mom a lot.. 2) Riley got sick for the first time with a cough that would cause her to throw up. this was also scary to mom and dad. even when she was sick, she had a smiley demeanor and was super happy and chatty. 3) Riley slept about the same (usually one 5-6 hour stretch and then up every 3 hours after that). Once and awhile she liked to pull all nighters with daddy. 4) Riley liked laying out and kicking her legs and talking. 5) Riley enjoyed talking and smiling with Charli. 6) Riley started sleeping 8-9 hours in her own crib. 7) Riley went back on breastmilk only with the help of donor milk. 8) Riley discovered her tongue. 

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