Sunday, August 22, 2010

Eat. Pray. Love.

So much pretty, Eat Pray Love was a fantastic movie. I found myself relating to it way too much so there were some lessons that were a little too close to home. One that stands out most to me though is I realize that I haven't forgiven myself for leaving Tyler. I constantly feel guilty about the situation he is in now and I always blame myself and think that if I had stayed he would be making better choices and would be a better person. I need to let this part of me go because I know that I did my best and that I even sacrificed a lot of my life to try to make it work with him. I've given both of us a chance to live happier, more functional lives. I wish him the best, but I need to realize that what happens to him now is his choices and his fault, not mine.

I also learned that it's okay for me to miss him and it's okay for me to hurt over him as long as I keep moving on and making good choices for me. Instead of being angry, I am trying to make it a goal to think positively towards him when I do and to just let it go. Sometimes it truly is better to hurt like hell for awhile to avoid having a lifetime of misery and I know that each day is only going to get better as long as I keep stepping forward.

This movie also makes me want to travel so bad. I don't have anywhere specific in mind, but there's a part of me that could take 2 years off just to travel and would have no problem with it. I hope that I can make that a reality one day. :)

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  1. just alway remember no of this was your fault keep ypu head up and dream big i will be fine i can do whats best for me i will never forgive myself for the pain i put you through always thinking of you and always wishing you the best no matter how hard it is for me to do that.
    aways dream big
    wish you the best
    forever and always