Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Perspective

I am loving life right now. I love being in situations that make me realize that life can really be amazing and that make me grateful for what I have in life. Last night was Crystal (Kyle's sister) and Craig's wedding and it was so fun. First of all, I'm not the typical girl who has always dreamed about having a wedding and everything down to the last detail. In fact, weddings to me have always been kind of stressful. I don't want to worry about planning out every little detail and I also have always dreaded all the formalities that can make weddings feel impersonal. Now, I'm not against these things if that's what you want. It's your day so you should plan accordingly. It's just not for me. I realized last night that it's possible to have a really good wedding while still making it about family and coming together. For awhile, I've wanted to get married on the beach somewhere to keep it small (yes, that's me avoiding stress) and then to just have a reception at home later on. However, I really liked how their wedding was done. It was simple, but it was still elegant and they still followed some of the traditions. It was just a really fun time and allowed family to come together and just celebrate together. That's all I could really hope for.

I love Kyle's family. Whenever I go around, it is always really fun and stress free. Everyone is so accepting and I love getting to see where he comes from and getting to hear any embarrassing stories that people are willing to offer about him. It helps me to see an entire different side of him and it also helps solidify so many of the things that I love about him. I am very lucky to be with someone as amazing and loving as Kyle is. It's been a little over a year and I couldn't ask for a better relationship.

Anyway, after last night I really want to move out to Eagle Mountain. Kyle and I have already been planning to move out sometime next year and I actually really like it out there. The rent is a lot cheaper, the houses are way nice, and it would be nice to be closer to his family.

So, yes, I'm a little high on life right now. :)

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