Saturday, May 21, 2011

Future and Finances

Life is going pretty well. With my new job, comes money and the chance to start saving up for certain things and making goals in my life. I don't think that money is all that matters, but without it there is not a lot we can do in life. It's a crappy reality, but it's true.

So, my goals for the near future and why I am going to be working as much overtime as possible at my new job:

1) Pay my credit card off
2) Buy a new laptop
3) Pay my car off
4) Move out
5) Pay my school loan off

Hopefully, in that order but I know that life isn't that simple so I don't expect it to all go perfectly. Pretty much I want to put as much as I can into savings this summer and I'll probably get a new computer right before school. I've already priced it out and I'm about $400 away right now (which isn't bad at all), but I don't want to empty my savings all at once. So I'm not going to.

I'm not going to lie. It's a great feeling having money that I don't have to pay back. So far, since I quit my last job, I've been living off of a private loan. Even though I've been able to do just fine, it sucked knowing that every cent I borrowed was going to have to be paid off in the future. It was nice to get my first paycheck yesterday and know that all of that money was mine to spend/save however I wanted.

The biggest factor in all of this is whether or not I get to continue my job after this summer. I'm guaranteed a job this summer, but after that it will depend on if they can work with my school schedule. I'm hoping yes especially since I'm already loving what I get to do as well as the people in my department. It would be awesome to get hired for sure after this summer so that I can have a sure thing. I don't want to have to retrain again either.

Anyway, quick update again and probably pretty boring but I've been too busy to be anymore creative.

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