Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I have always found it interesting to hear others opinions on the concept of love. I say concept not because I am cynical, but because I feel there isn't an exactly an agreement on what it means or entails. I was pretty sure I knew what love was, but without trust was love even possible? I am pretty sure that most people can agree that they unconditionally love their family and even that they love their friends, but actual couple's love can seem so diverse to me. Some people fall fast, some take their time, but we eventually all get to feel the extremely vulnerable state of being in love. Once you hit that stage, you might as well go all out because either way someone is going to get hurt.

I have also never believed in love at first sight. Sure, you can have an amazing connection with someone and you can lust, but I believe you have to know someone and all their flaws in order to truly love them. It's not about needing someone in your life, it's about wanting someone in your life and making it happen. Love is not about finding a checklist of qualities in a person; instead it is much deeper. It is sharing a connection, knowing someone inside and out, and being able to trust in someone. It is about sticking it out when things get rough because you have enough belief that it will be worth it anyway.

Even though I thought I had this type of love before, I don't know if I ever did. I never truly knew the person that I was with for so long and I was constantly waiting to find out more lies or more things that were hidden from me. I know that I loved him despite all the constant pain but it wasn't true love. It couldn't have been because there was no truth involved to begin with.

What is love to you?

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