Thursday, April 14, 2011

Challenges are What Build Character

Nick Vujicic: Amazing Motivational Speaker

So, although I'm not really all that religious, this guy is hands down amazing. He was born without arms and legs and goes around speaking at high schools and churches to motivate people. It makes me pretty humbled to watch him speak and to think about all the the complaints I have in my life when he is happy without arms or legs.

Just a little bit of a wake up call to go after the things I want to in life and to stop making excuses about why things don't get done. To realize that just because bad things happen to you in life doesn't mean then you should just run away or give up. This doesn't apply to me as much now, but it would've been nice to know this even a year ago. I think I've always known in my heart that I shouldn't give up because I never really have, but these types of messages would've gotten me going a lot faster. I've had to work through my challenges in life to get to the great point I am at now, but I think this would benefit a lot of people.

Our society is so spoiled. The things that we think are so horrible really could be nothing compared to what others have to go through. Even if something is bad, we always have to choices in life:

1) Face it with grace


2) Hide/Run from it and be angry/sad

I've always tried to gear myself towards facing challenges head on even if sometimes I have my bad days where that doesn't seem possible. Now, I'm just hoping this video gave me the motivation to study for finals because I am so behind from being sick.

I hope everyone has a good weekend. :)

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