Thursday, April 7, 2011

End of the Semester..

I can't believe how close it is getting for this semester to be over. Holy crap, I am just so excited. This is literally a list of everything I have left to do and then I'll be done:

-Take home test for Industrial Microbiology
-Study for final for Genetics
-Study for final for Biochemistry
-Finish up a few questions on the Tropical Diseases take home test

That is seriously such a small list. Lots of studying mostly, but I was able to accomplish so much this last week that I didn't think I could. I had to give a big presentation in industrial microbiology this morning which most normal people would only be slightly nervous about. However, for someone that has the anxiety and physical illness that I do, it was extremely stressful. I was pretty much awake all night because I couldn't get too bed because of how nervous I was and when I did sleep I had nightmares about starting my presentation and not having any idea of what to say. It was amazing though. Once I started my presentation, my nerves just went away and it went so well. I'm so glad to have it done and to just be able to focus on studying and finishing up this semester.

So, with all that in mind, I am going to get to accomplishing everything I need to. :)

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