Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Pointless Thoughts

So glad that it's finally the weekend. I used to enjoy my weeks more, but it seems like all I do is push through to the weekend every week. Fuck my body, that is a miserable way to live.

Anyway, in an attempt to update my blog more I thought I'd share a few random thoughts and updates about my life. I know, I know... it's so damn exciting.

1) Well, first of all.. I'm sick of not having time to actually read books that I want to. It drives me crazy that all I do is study, sleep, repeat.. every day. I had to go to the Gateway yesterday to replace my ipod (which was a fun mess all on its own) and I had a 40 minute wait so I just happened to run into a Barnes and Noble. I'm sorry, but when they put it right across the street there is no avoiding it. So, I thought I'd look through and see if there was anything worth paying for. I put back a book on how to have a well-behaved dog using the "love method" because it was expensive and I figured hey, my puppy is going to be evil no matter what because that is just her nature. (Seriously, she is just too smart). I also ran into the section with Terry Goodkind's books which i am listening to on my ipod right now and was so so tempted, but I actually kind of enjoy listening to something in my car. I also gagged my way through the romance section; hey if you can read that crap more power to you but it's so hard to take seriously. Finally, I stumbled upon "The Girl With The Dragoon Tattoo" and "The Girl Who Played With Fire". I've heard good things, so I decided I'd try them out if I ever get the time to.

2) I am almost half way through this semester. For a normal person, that is a great accomplishment. For a sick person, it is just a relief. This semester has definitely been a lot more difficult because it's a full load of upper division science credits. My first round of exams was not so great (two C's and an A), so I need to start organizing my time better and making studying my life. Honestly, I think I am just burnt out though; I'm ready to be done with school. I hate talking to people at school about what I am doing after I graduate. It's always "Oh, so are you going to graduate school?" or "What med school did you get into"? And my famous reply, "Neither, I'm a loser who is going to work after school. I might go to law school, but I'm sick of school. I need a break." I don't get why that is so different. Nothing wrong with continuing school, but it's not for everyone. Can't I just feel accomplished about a Bachelor's degree? Geez.

So, there's my thoughts. Happy Friday!

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