Thursday, February 24, 2011

Medical Update.

So, just a quick medical update because I really should be getting ready to go to school right now. My first doctor's appointment on friday (2/18) was a complete waste of my time. My doctor is an idiot and basically told me I can increase the dose of my medication or switch medications but otherwise not a lot he can do and that it's not that serious of a problem anyway. Needless to say, I am done with that doctor. If he can't even recognize the effect this is having on my life, then he's not worth my time or copay.

My appointment on Tuesday (2/22) was significantly better. I was a little worried because the front staff was not very professional and I waited an hour to see my doctor, but it was worth it. This doctor focuses on homeopathic remedies instead of throwing prescriptions at people which is nice. I'd prefer to address the problem rather than mask it with medication. Anyway, I am currently on different five supplements: magnesium, seacure, probiotics, fish oil, and fiber. I'm still taking my medication from before because I'm scared to get off of it. So, in total, I am probably taking about 15 pills a day. Yeah, that's the not so fun part. I also got a magnesium induction shot and had a blood draw done that is supposed to be a lot more extensive than what my other doctors did. Next Friday, I will be going in to do a food allergy test. So, all in all, I am having more hope with this doctor just because her approach seems a lot more logical. I have been feeling more energetic and the main has seemed a lot better so far, so now I am just hoping it lasts. I also know that I need to start making some changes with my diet too which is just a whole different mess.

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