Monday, March 21, 2011

And the fight continues..

I started my new diet 9 days ago. I thought everything was going great and I was feeling A LOT better, but I relapsed again today and got really sick. It sucks because I'll get confident and have hope in my life and then it's crushed again when I realize that my sickness is still very much present. I'm feeling pretty down about it right now because I am still in pain, but I hope I can get back on my feet. I really need to get through this semester and I can't afford to miss a ton of classes.

I also spent $90 today on hypnotherapy cds to hopefully work through some of the anxiety that comes along the pain. I am staying on track with my meds and diet so I don't know why I would relapse except for neverending anxiety that comes along with this. I just really really hope that I am still getting better and that today was just an off day because I can't mentally afford to go downhill again.

I have an acupuncture appointment on April 2nd that might possibly help. I don't know, everything is just a possibility but nothing is a guarantee and I hate that. I just want to live a normal life that I can actually enjoy and I feel like every time I start to get back on my feet I get knocked flat on my ass again.

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