Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Break Needs to Get Here

Spring Break you couldn't come any sooner. One more day and I officially get a week off of 2 hour commutes and stressful long days. A week off of getting home at 6 just to do homework until 11. A week off of having to ignore my amazing boyfriend just because I have way too much work to spend good quality time with him. A week to catch up and work on all my big projects that are due. A week to sleep in, although I probably won't do that too much.

I know the week will go by fast though because they always do. Yet, I'm still excited. School is coming so close to an end. I can't believe I have nearly survived yet another semester especially since I was probably at my sickest so far. It's only going to get easier because fall semester I will only have two classes and unfortunately there are no class taught over the summer. (darn, what will I do)

Before you start thinking I'm a lazy bum, I am starting to look for full time work already. I am definitely going to update my resume and then start looking for graveyard shifts. The only problem is that with my school schedule I can't work days and unfortunately most jobs are during the day. My degree comes first though. I'm way too close to let a job distract me from it.

So that's what I'm focused on right now. As far as everything else that tends to consume me, I am putting that on hold as much as possible so I can just focus on accomplishing what is important to me. I'm just working on staying organized and doing the best I can because that's all we can do in life anyway.

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