Sunday, March 27, 2011

How I Met Kyle

When I met Kyle, it was an accident. The night I met him (July 1, 2010) was a Thursday and I was actually supposed to be meeting someone else. That weekend, I had a blind date set up and I wanted to meet the guy* ahead of time so it wouldn't be so awkward. So, my sister, Megan, and I went over to the car show at Riverton Park so I could run into him and hopefully get to know him better. We spent time goofing off on the rides which I will say now that carnival rides are just plain scary and I finally met him. It was pretty awkward and although I tried to be outgoing, it was pretty obvious this guy was fairly shy. Even so, he was super sweet so I thought I'd give it a chance to see how it went.

After spending some time at the park/car show we went back to my house to play pool. When we got there, Megan was using my computer to facebook Tim (Kyle's friend) and see if he wanted to come over and hang out. She told me that Tim asked if he could bring his friend Kyle along and I told her that I had no problem with it but it'd probably be pretty awkward for Kyle considering he would kind of be a fifth wheel. So, about twenty minutes later, they both came over and wow, where do I even begin. I had never met anyone like these two. They both walked into the room with confidence and introduced themselves with a handshake which is something I wasn't used to at all. Right off the bat, Kyle got my name mixed up and I immediately gave him shit for it. Although I thought Kyle was cute, he wasn't the typical type of guy I would go for so I thought that it would just be a fun night to goof off.

Throughout the night, I couldn't remember laughing as much as I did around these two. They were so goofy and carefree, but not in an immature and annoying way. I couldn't help feeling like maybe I had been set up with the wrong person. I felt pretty bad because the original guy I was set up with was super sweet, but I just wasn't feeling any type of connection with him. I played it cool though because I didn't want to be the type of person to blow someone off like that. To be honest, it took me awhile to realize that I had a connection with Kyle that night. When he started doing his impressive "hold his body up by his arms" stuff is when I took a second glance and was like "wow, that is pretty impressive." Lol, sounds so funny now that I think back about it. I didn't think he would be interested in me, but I still attempted to make steady eye contact with him a few times. My heart pretty much stopped when I finally got him to look back.

When everyone went home that night, I told Megan about my dilemma. How, I really had felt a connection with Kyle and that I felt bad because of the original set up. She got in touch with Tim and Tim pretty much confirmed that the feeling was mutual. Before I knew it, I was giving Kyle my number. The next night we hung out at Megan's house and watched scary movies and I got to cuddle with him. The awkward part of all of this was that two days later we all went to raging waters (original guy included) and I was kind of caught in the middle. That night, however, Tim, Megan, Me, and Kyle all went to the drive in movies and I finally got to spend some time with just him that day. That night we had our first kiss (amazing!) and we have pretty much been inseparable since.

I fell fast for Kyle which wasn't something that was in my nature, but I'm so glad that I happened to meet him that one night. I don't know if I ever would've ran into him if it hadn't been for that exact situation. I'm so glad that I have someone in my life who is so patient, kind, funny, smart, and amazing. He has pretty much shown me who I really am and gotten me to a point in my life I never thought I would reach.

I love you Kyle James Norman, so so much. :)

*Just as a little background info: I had been texting this guy for about 2-3 weeks prior and it was a set up through Megan. He was a really nice guy and I won't share his name especially because he no longer talks to me today.

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